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Fit soccer kids is the first soccer and Fitness Program for kids 2-12 years old in New York City. Fit soccer kids is a fun and educational program where kids learn about fitness and soccer in a non-competitive environment. We believe that playing sports and engaging in physical activity will help prolong life, but understanding fitness will add to life longevity.

For the younger kids, our age-specific curriculum focuses on coordination, and balance that helps to develop early athleticism and pre-soccer skills. For the older groups, the curriculum is focused on developing athletic abilities, creativity, leadership skill and a sense of self, all while having a ton of fun. Our coaches are trained to identify strengths in each child and help guide them through their strength without neglecting their weaknesses.

In every Fit Soccer class, kids will not only learn how to play soccer but also learn to strengthen their heart muscle and have fun together. If you are a parent or a school administrator and you are interested in our afterschool program, please click on the link above and fill out the form.