Our Coaches

NO TREE GROWS TALL IN A DAY- While every tree can grow, without nourishment, it is impossible. The nourishment children need to grow and understand the beautiful game is consistency and patience. All Fit Soccer Kids coaches have tremendous experience with children, and all share two things in common: a love for working with children and the love for the beautiful game of soccer. We place all our resources in our coaches to ensure that they are well trained and understand the essential principles of patience and consistency when teaching children.

Coach Qualification

Background check

All coaches are background check at the federal state level.


Our coaches are licensed and hold various certifications and diplomas from the two major soccer youth coaching regulatory bodies in the united states, USC and USSF.

Pass Safety Protocal Training

This includes Concussion identification training , First Aid Trained, and CPR Certified.

Fit Soccer Kids Level-5 Training Program Graduates

All coaches pass Fit Soccer Kids rigorous training program. All coaches leading class is a Level-5 coach, and assistant coach are working their way up. Our Training program is continuous and is always improving, this allows our coaches to develop and stay sharp for every season.