Johvanne Narcisse

Director, Head Coach

It’s a precious privilege to be a coach. The impact you can have on a child's life is greater than you can imagine. Whether it’s a 2-year-old learning important social and motor skills or a 10-year-old hungry to be the best, the way you communicate and understand that child will take their development way beyond the beautiful game of soccer. Soccer is the medium we use to create a better world.  


Bachelors of Science, Psychology, The City College of New York

Coaching credentials

USC Certified – National & Advance National Diploma, USC 7V7, 9V9,  USC Director of Coaching, USSF License - Grassroots, Personal Trainer, Strengthen & Conditioning, Certified Sports Nutritionist.



Joel Ickes

General Manager

The greatest privilege of being an educator and coach is watching young people go from merely recognizing their potential to growing into their identity. It’s my wonderful task to draw out that potential by helping them see it and challenging them to grow..


Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Great Lakes Christian College.




James Darby

Director, Head Coach

Witnessing the process of development is the most rewarding part of coaching for me. Watching our little friends being shy and timid at the start of the season to become more confident and making new friends by the end of the season is what fills my heart.


Bachelors of BA, Finance, Baruch College

Coaching credentials

USC Certified 7V7, 9V9, USC Director of Coaching, USSF License - Grassroots





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