Fit Soccer Kids is a fun and educational program where kids learn about fitness and soccer in a non-competitive environment. Our philosophy here at Fit Soccer Kids is to provide an environment where children can freely express themselves, build confidence, learn about soccer and fitness, and become healthier all while having a ton of fun.
At Fit Soccer Kids, we believe the foundation of health and life longevity stems from sports and fitness. This is reflected in our creative and artistic approach to teaching children soccer and fitness by means of exploring our imagination. Our coaches will encourage and instill life, fitness, and soccer principles that each fit soccer kid will carry for a lifetime. 



Changing the world starts one child at a time. Play is the brain’s favorite way of learning, and while our program is heavily focused on soccer, we place a great deal of importance on health. Our goal at Fit Soccer Kids is to create an environment where a healthy lifestyle is the norm. In each Fit Soccer adventure, every child will learn the benefits of eating vegetables and fruits. In a world where carcinogens are becoming more frequent, causing more people to develop serious illnesses at a young age, it is important that our children learn and enjoy the benefits of fruits and vegetables.


Fit Soccer Kids guarantee the most fun, exciting, and rewarding experience for each child. The quality of each Fit soccer class is held in high regard in our core values. We make sure that each child will receive the utmost support and attention they need to succeed and have fun. This is reflected in our age-specific coach to child ratio. With our high coach to low child ratio, each child will be given individual attention for support and encouragement. Having multiple coaches in each class enables us to have little to no downtime; every second will be spent having a ton of fun.


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