AS Roma Academy NY

We are delighted to announce a momentous partnership between AS Roma and Fit Soccer Kids, as we introduce the AS Roma Academy to The Bronx. This collaboration marks an exciting chapter in our commitment to developing young soccer talents in New York City.

Our primary objective is to provide aspiring young players in The Bronx with access to a world-class soccer academy. With the @asromaacademyny, we aim to create an environment where young athletes can thrive, grow, and realize their soccer dreams. Through rigorous training, top-notch coaching, and a clear pathway to success, we aspire to not only strengthen the soccer culture but also empower the community's youth.

AS Roma is renowned for its competitive spirit, and we believe in nurturing that same spirit in our future stars. The partnership with Fit Soccer Kids is not just about promoting soccer; it's about promoting excellence. We understand that to reach the highest levels of the sport, players need a strong foundation in developmental soccer. This partnership will enable young talents to receive the guidance, support, and resources they need to advance their skills and potentially make a mark in the world of soccer.

Beyond the pitch, we are committed to making a positive impact in The Bronx community. We firmly believe that soccer can be a driving force for change, offering opportunities for personal growth and community development. Our shared vision with Fit Soccer Kids goes beyond the game; it is about creating a brighter future for the youth of The Bronx.

Passion for kids

All our staff have a profound passion for working with children


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We create a sense of community among our families.